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About Us

Inspired by the work of ‘Green Man of Sussex’, John Gapper, the Wild Flower Conservation Society was born from the vital need to bring a diverse range of wildlife back to our treasured countryside spaces. 

When Stanmer Nurseries closed in 2018, a group of volunteers formed the Wild Flower Conservation Society.


Since WW2 our wildflower meadows have been in decline and we have lost approx 89% in the UK. This has resulted in a huge decline in the number of pollinators.


Our goal is to increase the number of wildflowers to support and enhance the bee and butterfly population.


Having received £1,500 from the National Park’s Sustainable Communities Fund, the society was able to build a polytunnel in 2020 in Stanmer Park. The polytunnel will be used to nurture plug plants for use to rejuvenate areas in Brighton and beyond.


In addition, to the replanting we do, our plug plants are also available to buy for just £1 per plug plant. Proceeds from which will enable the work we are doing to further biodiversity.

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