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Volunteer as a Wild Flower Guardian

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It is widely known that working in nature is good for the body and mind.  We are lucky enough to have a great team of volunteers

but we're always looking for more. No experience is needed to become a volunteer and caring for plants and creating homes for

wildlife is an incredibly rewarding experience. The plants we grow will be planted out during spring and autumn months

to enhance the butterfly banks around the city and the local environment. Below are some of the ways our volunteers can assist the

Wild Flower Conservation Society. If you'd like to be a part of this please follow the link below to look into becoming a Wild Flower Guardian:

The Wildflower Guardians’ work dovetails with the Friends of Waterhall’s Wilding Waterhall project, extending habitat restoration across Brighton & Hove.  

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Seed Collection

Join our rangers out and about collecting seeds

Creating and Maintaining Butterfly Banks

Join one of the rangers and help us care for the B Banks (Butterfly & Bee Banks) by replacing  plants, tidying and weeding.


Help us prepare the ground in early spring for the plants to be planted out. Then, later, care for the seedlings

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Assist In The Poly Tunnel

In the polytunnel we'll be propagating wild flower plants by sowing seeds, taking cuttings, watering and weeding

Making a Meadow.

A meadow is being made at the Donkey Well in Stanmer. Volunteers are helping with this and learning to scythe.


Some volunteers are training to specialise in plant and insect identification so they can monitor the plants and pollinators introduced to the habitats.

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