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How To Attract Butterflies To Your Garden

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Do you daydream about a garden filled with beautiful butterflies? An english paradise to gaze out on in the spring and summer months? Here are some simple ways in which to attract butterflies to your garden, whether large or small.

Attract Butterflies To My Garden
Attract Butterflies To My Garden

1. Leave some wild areas

Although butterflies are more attracted to flowers, you'll be wanting to attract caterpillars too. Caterpillars enjoy weeded areas. Don't be put off though. There are many ways to keep areas of your garden wild without it looking overgrown. Just allowing some grasses to grow a longer and resisting snipping those nettles and thistles, will create a small but perfect area for caterpillars to graze.

2. Create hidden areas

Insects don't deal well with the elements. Help them find shelter by allowing larger leaves to grow and planting shrubs or even hedgerow (buy hedgerow plug plants from the WFCS). Particularly during the colder months, take a break and leave your garden to grow out a little. This will ensure protection for caterpillars and butterflies to flourish during the warmer months.

3. Think about your space

Butterflies enjoy sun and space in which to fly around. Plant your butterfly-attracting flowers in an place that gets a lot of sun and, if possible, is in area of your garden with some open space. Keep your flowers regularly watered also to ensure they are producing sufficient nectar.

4. Keep it colourful and scented

Keeping your garden colourful won't just be beautiful for you but will also help attract butterflies. Colours most attractive to butterflies include white, orange, purple, pink, red and yellow. Less known is that pollinators also enjoy scent, so planting herbs and fragrant flowers such as jasmine can also help.

5. Resist the pesticides

Some find it harder than others, but if you really wish to attract butterflies to your garden, then you'll need to avoid using pesticides. They can be harmful and sometimes even kill butterflies.

Lastly, wild flowers are the best way to bring butterflies to your garden so why not plant some wild flowers, which can also help attract bees. You can buy plug plants from the WFCS and this will go directly towards supporting our work in enhancing the biodiversity of the South Downs and surrounding Sussex areas.

Attract Butterflies To My Garden
Attract Butterflies To My Garden

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