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Why Is Conservation Important?

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

There are many wonderful things about the modern world - improved travel, technology, medicines and, of course, Netlix. Yet, the growth of the human race and our need to build and expand has had many negative effects on the natural landscape. Not least it's wildlife. But why does it matter? Here we explore some of the reasons it is essential to protect our wild spaces.

Wildlife Conservation

Health and Happiness

Due to medicine appearing to be something that develops in a laboratory, it is easy to forget that many essential ingredients in our medicines come from the natural world.

Beyond which, just being in natural spaces has proved highly productive for well being. Children have been found to be more creative when playing in green spaces. Being in nature has also been highlighted as possible theropy for anxiety and other stresses. In fact, soil contains microbes which are believed to have antidepressent qulaities.

Former generations may not have just wanted some peace and quiet when they herded children out of the house to get some 'fresh air', but actually this has merit. Properly circulated air that we inhale outside is far better for our bodies than the stale oxygen we get indoors.

So having wide and wild spaces in which to roam really does make us both happier and healthier.


Our natural world is divine! The way in which nature finds a way to survive and thrive is both fasinating and inspirational. It's important for us to understand the diverse ways in which nature grows and repopulates itself.

Children learn the path of the butterfly, the tadpole's transformation and of photosynthisis early on. Why? Perhaps because it is one of the most interesting and marvelous realities of our world and it helps us to understand lifecyles in which we are a part.


No matter what we forget abot 'proper nouns', 'triganomatory' and 'PH scales', there is a reason we all remember the basics of biology. It's becuse it surrounds us, effects us and reminds us that we are part of an incredible world. It wouldn't be the same if we couldn't see it anymore.


Nature actually does incredibly well left to itself. Somehow, the world is designed to balance itself out and our interferance has only proved to negatively effect ecosytems. Excpet of course when we seek to repair the damage we have done, such as reintroducing the wolves back to Yellowstone Park. Many of the wild flowers that make our natural wild spaces so beautiful and life supporting, we know as weeds. Yet even the most intrusive plants find a way of balancing themselves out and sharing the space with other plants and species. Including us.

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